C2 IT uses world leading EAL 2+ certification software to sanitise all data
C2 IT will provide an encrypted, tamper-proof data destruction certificate for each drive sanitised
C2 IT offers on-site and off-site data cleansing solutions
C2 IT offers a one-stop solution for decommissioning end of useful life IT equipment.
C2 IT will collect, data sanitise, refurbish and redeploy end-of-life IT equipment.

ABOUT US Green Arrow

C2 IT Asset Disposal Limited is a specialist IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) and Lifecycle Services provider committed to sustainable computing. We pride ourselves in being an ethical, environmentally conscious computer recycler. IT supplier. C2 IT is committed to having a positive impact on the environment by providing a sustainable computing solution that does not compromise on security.

C2 IT aspires to deliver carbon neutral IT end-of-life solutions. We contribute to sustainable computing by recycling IT equipment, keeping them out of landfill by extending their useful life and adding to the circular economy.

Our core values underpin everything we do at C2 IT

We do what we say we are going to do

We deliver no-compromise secure end-of-life sustainable IT solutions.

Community orientated
We redistribute laptops to help close the digital divide.

Exceptional customer experience
We deliver a life cycle management solution for our customers from sourcing to end-of-life electronics recycling.

C2KIT Support

Excellent customer service
We go the extra mile to deliver best in the sector, customer service and support.

Quality Assured

Security Assurance
We only supply certified data destruction protocols and processes.

The C2 IT Group has over 10 years’ experience in the preowned computer market. Originating in South Africa, we expanded into international markets when we opened our Surrey based, UK offices in 2017. Today, C2 IT operates in the area within the M25/M2/M3 corridor

Today, the Group has 140 employees, across two continents. C2 IT has a world-class, dedicated sales and support centre, staffed by highly experienced and qualified IT professionals.

C2 IT has recycled refurbished desktops and laptops to over 1500 companies, across two continents. We offer IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) & Lifecycle Services and computer recycling. C2 IT offers our clients a hassle free, piece of mind, sustainable computing solution for their end-of-life IT equipment.

C2KIT Collect

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