C2 IT uses world leading EAL 2+ certification software to sanitise all data
C2 IT will provide an encrypted, tamper-proof data destruction certificate for each drive sanitised
C2 IT offers on-site and off-site data cleansing solutions
C2 IT offers a one-stop solution for decommissioning end of useful life IT equipment.
C2 IT will collect, data sanitise, refurbish and redeploy end-of-life IT equipment.


C2 IT’s Digital Inclusion Program

C2 IT has pledged to redistribute 10% of all working laptops to schoolchildren in your local community. All redistributed laptops will be data cleansed, refurbished and redistributed through BBC’s “Make a Difference” appeal.

Make A Difference Appeal

C2 IT have teamed up with partners of BBC radio’s “Make A Difference” appeal, to donate laptops through BBC certified and approved charities and community services to local school children.

Impact of Digital Exclusion

Lockdown maybe easing and schoolchildren have returned to classes, however the digital divide still exists as UK’s poorest and most vulnerable. They will feel the effects from the catastrophic loss of education and opportunity brought on by Coronavirus and driven by digital exclusion for decades to come. The public health crisis has driven the impact of digital exclusion across millions of schoolchildren in the UK clearly highlighting the link between poverty and digital exclusion – the poorest being impact the most.


Find out about the charities and community services who you can help on the BBC website https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/5SqHJMTKZx5sYhlltXJvB1Q/give-a-laptop

If your company doesn’t have a local community preference, the laptops will be redistributed through the Epson & Ewell Foodbank.

Closing the Digital Divide

C2 IT has already played a part in redistributing over 300 laptops to local schools and charities with our partners of the BBC “Make A Difference” appeal.

Impacting the lives of local school children

“Thank you for keeping me up to date with the work that you and the team have been doing to support children and young people in Surrey, by providing digital devices to help them in their education. To hear that 300 devices have already been provided through local schools was fantastic news and to learn more about your plans for making the project sustainable in future, even better. Congratulations to everyone involved in this tremendous effort to collect, clean, update, test and hand on these important tools for learning.” Mary Lewis – Cabinet Member for Children – County Councillor – Cobham

Renowned companies who have partnered with Epsom & Ewell Foodbank’s Digital Inclusion initiative

If you would like to participate in C2 IT’s Digital Inclusion Program knowing that 10% of all working laptops donated will end up redistributed to schoolchildren, please contact us.