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Desktop Computers and Notebooks/Laptops remain an essential business tool for almost every worker in the modern world, in fact more than ever 21st century workers cannot complete even the simplest tasks without access to a functioning computer, with this seismic shift in technology driven by computing power over the past 25 years almost every function within an organisation is driven by quick, efficient access to computing power.

With the importance of access to good quality computer equipment it is critical for businesses to give consideration to the cost of notebook renewal for their staff compliment, this is coupled with the need to ensure that these notebooks are managed and replaced when their quality no longer meets the organisational needs of their employees.

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The Solution

Renting or Leasing of Notebooks and Laptops has never been more popular amongst commercial business end users. The rapid changes in both the underlying technology associated with computer hardware and the rapid advancement in software complexity has meant that well-functioning IT equipment is critical, this taken in conjunction with the work habits of employees using this technology, means leasing/renting a desktop computer or notebook gives flexible access to rapidly depreciating IT assets at the click of a button and must be considered is a critical service for any business owner or manager to consider.

So what are the core advantages to organisations leasing notebooks?

1. Control the IT Life cycle

Notebooks and Laptops have a very defined lifespan after which their productive usability drops off significantly, this drop off is often ignored or not seen by upper level of management but can greatly affect the productivity of an organisations staff. Impacting directly on the ability of employees to perform even the simplest job functions optimally when their IT equipment is not functioning.

Leasing or Renting Desktops and Notebooks via companies such as C2kit ensure computers are renewed on regular cycles, typically every 24 to 36 months or in a time period that suits your organisation, this ensures maximum up time, control of assets and improved organisational productivity. C2Kit’s clients typically lease our remanufactured notebooks on a 24-month  or 36-month rental ensuring an optimum length of time to leverage maximum use from the assets while not losing the trade off in device up time and stability experienced as notebooks age.

2. Reduction in Maintenance Costs

As IT equipment ages, maintenance costs rise, there is no getting around this fact. C2Kit offers optimised 24-month and 36-month lease agreements on all our notebooks ensuring customers sit in a sweet spot in terms of useful lifespan of our remanufactured notebooks. By upgrading leased notebooks every 24 or 36 months or in a similar chosen lifecycle, customers have peace of mind that maintenance issues and costs will remain be at acceptable levels and employee uptime maximised. C2Kit also offers 24 to 36-month warranty inclusive lease options.


3. Cash Flow and Budgeting

A mistake many businesses make is to handle IT procurement as bulky irregular cash outflow event.

The three core issues of this approach are and how renting/leasing you PC’s can alleviate this:

  • Difficulty in budgeting when cash outflow events will occur, often equipment is required mid-month, near a year end or close to closed budgeting periods. This create challenges for finance departments looking to locate funding and for procurement departments looking to control pre-defined budgets
  • True operating costs associated with IT equipment are difficult to gauge as monthly costs of IT goods are lumped into general depreciation, by receiving a dedicated notebook leasing invoice each month businesses can accurately monitor monthly costs on this product category
  • Lack of flexibility, when changes occur inside the organisation notebooks which have been purchased outright or cash lump sum cannot be easily upgraded to suit the new operating environment

How does leasing/renting of notebooks alleviate these issues?

  • Regular, easy to follow monthly rental payments allow for exact cashflow and expense forecasting years into the future.
  • The exact costs of notebooks and laptops to the organisation can be easily obtained by referencing your monthly leasing/rental bill from C2Kit
  • Ultimate in flexibility, as your organisation changes and adjusts to the demands of your industry, leasing/renting allows for changes to be made and notebooks and desktops redeployed with far greater flexibility and pace,

Important points to check when concluding your computer notebook lease:

  1. Check the equipment thoroughly before signing off acceptance of delivery.
  2. Check the duration of the agreement
  3. Check the annual escalation of the agreement
  4. Ensure you have a copy of the agreement after signing.
  5. Learn about your supplier and their product.

To view a copy of our notebook lease agreement, click here.

C2Kit leases Notebook, Desktops and Laptops to the following London Locations:

Greater London: City of London, Hounslow, Barking and Dagenham, Islington, Barnet, Kensington and Chelsea, Bexley, Kingston upon Thames, Brent, Lambeth, Bromley, Lewisham, Camden, Merton Croydon, Newham, Ealing, Redbridge, Enfield, Richmond upon Thames, Greenwich, Southwark, Hackney, Sutton, Hammersmith and Fulham, Tower Hamlets, Haringey, Waltham Forest, Harrow, Wandsworth, Havering, Westminster and Hillingdon.