Renting a HP 840 G1 Elitebook, the Key Features and Advantages Green Arrow

C2KIT Rentals has chosen a specific bouquet of laptops and notebooks which are beautiful, reliable and packs a push of both processing power and build quality. We have narrowed down the choices to some key individual models which are perfect for business. Extending to the secretary from their desk to the roaming sales person hunting down new opportunities and sales prospects.

Our selection of laptops and notebooks are the Remanufactured HP 840 G3 EliteBook, Remanufactured HP 840 G2 EliteBook, Remanufactured Dell Latitude E5470 Ultrabook and the Hewlett Packard Remanufactured HP 840 G1 EliteBook. All of the models can be viewed with more information here.

For the main focus of this blog, we will be looking at the HP 840 G1 EliteBook

The Remanufactured Hewlett Packard 840 G1 laptop is an outstanding product bringing everything a person will need from a laptop into the palm of their hands. Built for a multitude of users the HP 840 G1 is an especially great addition to traveling directors, executive sales people, businessmen and businesswomen, lecturers or function presenters and the list goes on for any person wanting an impressively stylish, light weight laptop or notebook looking to get the job done with reliability as a priority. Packed with the best technology intel and the likes have to offer the units are also sleek and fast. They have the power to handle all that you need to get done and would expect especially from a high-end product.

Why remanufactured you may ask? Remanufacturing is a process that brings used computer equipment back to a “like new” standard that cannot be rivaled with. Remanufacturing is not to be confused with refurbishment as they cannot be compared. although preowned, the laptops and notebooks could be set down next to a new product and clients will find it impossible to spot the remanufactured unit out. This is the set standard of remanufactured laptops and notebooks that is of the highest quality you can possibly get in this day and age.


The remanufacturing process is vigorous consisting of completely rebuilding the product and using specialized methods to do so. Professionals with the know-how as well as accompanied with hi tech testing equipment will strip the laptops and notebooks down completely and clean the components to a #JustLikeNew condition, any parts that are worn or have a and would usually have a chance of failing are replaced. All of the panels are inspected with Laser Technologies and imperfections like dents or scratches are isolated fixed The panels are then sprayed with specialized paint that is scratch resistant and offers extra protection to the panels and the laptops and notebooks overall. This brings the HP 840 G1 Laptop back to a #JustLikeNew remanufactured condition. The laptops and notebooks are also run through a 100-point check with sophisticated, approved software and hardware methods to make sure only the highest level of perfection is provided. This same process is followed for all the models we have selected for our B2B (Business to Business) rentals

What does this mean for you? This means you can rent a laptop or notebook at the fraction of the price and get a #JustLikeNew product with the same warranties, reliability and ease of mind when Renting its brand-new counterpart. This also means you get more value for your money. So, what you would spend on a brand-new entry to mid-level laptop you can now procure a high-end top of the line unit for much less. One of the best benefits about a remanufactured product is we warranty the product for the length of your rental, which is impossible to do with a refurbished unit. This peace of mind given to you is a welcome as well as that we know the product will stand up to any new counter part of its kind. Remanufactured products are supplied with Genuine Microsoft Licenses so you are protected by the biggest operating system developers on the planet and with all of the amazing, support, updates, features and security that they have to offer their users.


So why the Remanufactured HP 840 G1 you may ask? It is one of the top models that Hewlett Packard have ever released packed with features and quality components available on the market at this level of laptop. Before we have a look inside let’s start with the outside.

The HP 840 G1 has a striking matt black top coat that finishes of the lid of the laptop nicely and the wonderful thing about a matt finish is its resilience to scratches. When we flip the EliteBook open it has a sleek silver finish and black keyboard compliment. The HP is a 14” unit and accompanying screen. The HD LED panel is a pleasure to work on, crisp and not too big to be bulky making it a great travel companion for those who need to work on the move. The unit is simply it striking and for anyone who comes across one and luckily for you we have many available for your procurement pleasure. The usual components one would expect can also be found like multiple USB high speed ports for all your peripherals, super-fast wireless access and high-quality keyboard for pushing out as many pages of emails, business content and googling your heart could possibly desire.

So, let us have a closer look inside. We have a 4th generation Intel Core i5 dual core processing unit which is a great mid to upper level CPU. The i5 unit also boasts Intel’s Turbo Technology which means it runs at a lower frequency to save energy and your battery but will easily clock itself up if needed to do any intensive work. I found the unit had no problem handling multiple tabs of spreadsheets, photoshop and multiple apps running at once.


Accompanied by super-fast 4GB DDR3 memory the unit feels snappy and responsive especially with many programs running t once. The laptop does have an additional memory slot for those needing even more RAM to suite their needs. A nice feature is that it can handle up to 16GB of memory for extreme users.


The remanufactured HP 840 G1 EliteBook has a nice large 500GB hard drive with plenty of storage for all of your precious work files, photos, videos and any other data you may have. For a massive improvement in performance a super-fast solid-state drive upgrade is an option and the difference is outstanding. Smashing a 400% improvement in performance the EliteBook would boot almost instantly and apps and programs, especially photoshop, was silky smooth.


USB 3.0 is a standard on the EliteBook and makes backing-up a breeze for those who have not taken to cloud storage yet. Transferal of files was snappy even when moving a lot of small files. WIFI connection runs with the high quality 802.11bgn controller and is quick and responsive as long as you have a descent internet line to compliment your laptop.


In my personal experience using the remanufactured HP 840 G1 EliteBook is it would be impossible to tell the unit was ever pre-owned. Like a shiny bullet the HP cuts through work like butter, looks the part and a true pleasure to work on. At the fraction of what you would pay to rent a new unit and get a warranty comparable this is an indefinite win. They are available now at and ready to dispatch into your business. At the end of the day what do people want from their IT equipment. We want something affordable. We want something reliable, does what it is intend to do and even more. We want peace of mind that if something ever went wrong we have support. All of this can be found in remanufactured products and it is here for you today. This is what you get with our B2B Remanufactured Flexible Affordable 24 or 36 Month Rentals.